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Bwengu Projects is a small NGO run by Sue & Tony Melia.

Each year we work in north Malawi, completing various building projects at local village schools, churches and medical centers and generally supporting the community. Part of our work is in the provision of food at orphan’s care feeding stations, providing bursary fees for some 300 orphan or needy secondary school children. In addition the providing of adult education evening classes.

Our approach in 2017 is with the introduction of a “Whole class teaching project” .This project in its simplest of terms is to introduce 21st Century teaching aids to 8 Malawi Junior schools in and around the Rhumpi mountains of north Malawi. There are some 7400 plus children on roll at these 8 schools.

The concept is that the complete Malawi national curriculum for junior schools has been downloaded into a tablet memory; this in turn will be played onto a renovated IT classroom wall via a mini projector in these 8 schools, run from car batteries charged up with solar panels provided.

In addition to the above, each of these 8 schools will seek out all within their villages that cannot READ- WRITE-OR COUNT and set up free adult literacy classes for these village people to attend via evening classes, using these same machines.

Contained in the tablet memory also will some 175 teaching videos of various medical topics such as HIV aids and all the major diseases that affect the Malawi people in their daily life and will cover amongst other topics Pregnancy – Contraception- Sexual transmitted diseases and several more. These lessons will also run in conjunction with the adult education courses planned for each community using once again these same machines.

And thus we now have a “Whole community teaching project”.

In December 2017 all children in these 8 schools take year end exams. The results show after only 8 weeks of teaching use the average increase pass rate year on year was 17.4% across the 8 schools.

Now in 2018, our 14th Year in Malawi more project workers will travel out in July/ August to introduce and train up the staff in 5 secondary schools in the use of these new machines. By end March 2018 the complete secondary school national curriculum in all 11 subjects will be down loaded onto a memory chip.

In these 13 schools some 9800 children will now have access to this project by end 2018

During 2018 we will be submitting our application to become a registered charity.

To see exactly what we achieved please download the latest update which shows in detail how we have all managed to change the lives of these people.