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Education as a tool of change is vital. Free supplementary education is provided by a paid local teacher for all those who did not achieve the state school exams or students who need extra out of school hour’s support. In addition free basic adult literacy is available for all. This year 4 student teachers from UK and other countries will spend 6 months teaching within the local village schools and will also help out on a voluntary basis at the WDC. and orphan care centers.

Food projects for orphans and under 5’s is an ongoing feature of our work. The ability to self manage these projects has been in operation for 2 years now in a purpose built, secure food store. Over 1.5 million meals have been provisioned since 2006

Tony surveys the village buildings and draws up the building programme, buys and transports the materials and any extra tools for each project, day to day site management and project completion dates. A local Project Manager supervises the general labour force and ensures that preparatory work is completed before they arrive.