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Local churches of all denominations in the main are in a poor condition and add to the many requests for help. Their Christian faith is the cornerstone of these village communities. The provision of adequate medical centers that will meet the needs of the wider community is also a major concern of our work. We also will open our 7th orphan care feeding station in 2015, providing Para vitamin enriched porridge each day

Women’s Development Projects are at the core of the integrated approach we now take to village development. The completion of the 7th women’s center will take place in 2015. These centers are also the orphan care feeding stations for their village community, at the same time training the women of each group in the use of sewing machines and other life skills.

In addition to fixing the broken education infrastructure, solar lighting is provided for adult literacy free to all who wish to read & write

We also in 2016 currently provide 250 secondary school education bursaries at 4 schools in the Bwengu area a modest 5 per month will educate 6 orphan or needy children. Our target for 2016 is to have 260 bursaries. Monthly reports from each school on attendance and progress are received.