Projects for 2007

Orphan care food for 135 children

A food supply was located.
The problem! It was a 1000k round trip to collect.
We managed to bring back 1.5 tons.
This will last until end Feb 2008.
All village children under 5 now have a hot meal each day.

Bwengu Secondary School Book Project

1400 new text books have been purchased.
The library block has been completely restored and new book shelves made.
The future has just changed for these 250 children.
The true effects will last for a generation of school children.

Bwengu Secondary School Building Project

All classrooms have been renovated.
The staff room has been renovated.
The library has been renovated.
A dormitory for 30 girls has been completed.

Bwengu Furniture Project

600 pieces of furniture were made for 3 schools.
16 classrooms now have furniture.
All teachers in 3 schools now have class furniture.
2 staff rooms have been furnished
1 head teachers office furnished
1 library block furnished

Bwengu Winter Food Purchase
12.5 tons of surplus maize were purchased
The Women’s Development Centre will sell the food at a sensible price in January when traders inflate the price beyond their reach.


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