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Projects for 2018:

Monthly update for June 2018

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Bwengu Projects 2016 and beyond.
(The future for Bwengu Projects - as we see it)

Sue and I have realised, reluctantly, that we cannot indefinitely continue coping with the physical demands of working in Malawi each year. From the start we always firmly believed that in handing out charity this could make communities dependent on hand-outs and could encourage them to become dependent beggars. We wanted the community of the Bwengu district to become self-reliant after initially facilitating this. Our thinking of where we see the future of Bwengu Projects is out lined below.

Your views, thoughts, ideas and advice, as our donors and friends would be welcome

The future of development in Malawi lies in education being at its core. To do this we feel that all the projects must be linked together to achieve this goal. We call this project integration.

We feel that if we can educate all those within the community as part of this concept, then their future development can take place on a basis of knowledge.

“It is difficult to ask a question of those who govern you if you cannot read or write.”

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