Want to Help?

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Saving lives, building a future, make a difference

The only thing you need is common sense and the willingness to want to help to make a difference. No age constraints (white hair an optional extra). They have the skills to make it happen. They need initially, leadership, direction and focus - plus the materials. Most people have something to offer.

How to help?

An individual, a family, business, school or church group you could sponsor a project. You can make the choice how your donation is spent.

Better still go and take your money and help complete a project yourself. We will give you guidance. Accommodation is provided but it is basic and not for the faint hearted. In addition you will be collected from the airport and transported to Bwengu village and also returned once you stay is over.

Or you could choose us to complete the project that means a lot to you. We will bring back evidence of completion for you as a form of receipt so that you can see where your money has been used.

Charitable giving by "My Donate"

We can now receive your donations by using the 'My Donate' link below. This also means that if you are a UK tax payer we can claim back an extra 25% on top of your donation.


Just click onto "donate now" then click "I'm not registered" and continue.